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"High efficiency variable frequency with nano-particles modified ultra-high corrosion corona insulation system" project
Date:2017-03-07 14:46:22

       Recently, I developed by the company's high efficiency inverter motor with nano-particles modified ultra-high corona insulation system project, won the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award third prize.
        In this project, inorganic nanometer particle pre-dispersion-surface grafting modification technology, nano-powder surface grafted carbon carbon double bond and epoxy technology, the first nano-mica powder for the tank insulation material modification, the success of the nano Particle introduced into the field of high-performance insulating materials, invented a high corona-resistant performance of the inverter motor insulation system, with high resistance to corona life, high reliability and high heat resistance, can be widely used in high-speed rail , Aerospace, nuclear power, wind power, electric vehicles and other fields of variable frequency motor insulation treatment. Related technology to reach the international advanced level, are nano-materials in the electrical industry in the new application.
        The target product is suitable for electric vehicle, new energy, traction train, national defense and other energy efficient inverter motor insulation treatment, is its key core technology, directly determine the motor life and operational reliability, has been used in ABB's efficient frequency conversion motor and Fushun coal mine C-class mine motor and other products. With the national energy efficiency improvement, energy saving and emission reduction policies continue to implement, efficient frequency conversion motor insulation system technology continues to improve, the demand for this product will be more and more, the market prospect is broad, with good economic and social benefits. The project has successfully applied the inorganic nano-particle modification technology to the field of high-performance motor insulation system, which has broken through the technical bottleneck of the traditional insulation system which can not meet the requirements of high anti-corona life of high efficiency inverter motor. It has realized the domestic high-end electrical insulation system And to break the long-term dependence on imports of such products, accelerate the rapid development of China's efficient inverter motor industry, China's industrial and civilian areas to achieve energy-saving emission reduction targets have a huge role in promoting.

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