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2016 JuFeng development training
Date:2017-03-07 14:44:48

      To contribute to the individual, to show the whole team as the theme, in the expansion of training, the elite students are all show the spirit of contribution. To play their own strengths, learn from others long, and jointly complete the objectives and tasks, truly embodies a team of unity and collaboration, communication and coordination, sincere and trust, passion and challenges, courage and confidence, quality and attitude, insights and consensus Unite. In this process, but also exercise and enhance the elite students to develop goals, planning programs, organization and command, unified implementation of the comprehensive ability.
         The success of the kind of success is difficult to understand, in all of us together to achieve this difficult to achieve the goal. And the lack of cooperation between employees is mutual cooperation, most people are self-centered, ignoring our collective, so that our achievements are difficult to improve, only our heart to a thought, Will have better and more impressive results.
In the flip poker project, the experience is the importance of team information exchange and cooperation, between people and between individuals and individuals to communicate with each other, to achieve a win-win situation.

         In the project of the sulfuric acid river, the first thing that makes me feel the deepest is the concept of the team. No matter which level of staff, are very important, these people are missing one is not, because the grassroots level is unlimited resources, and the core of the power must be in the effective use of resources before they can play its role. And the leader must be clear things, what is necessary to do after the thing to do, how to do, consider must also be comprehensive, or will not succeed in achieving the ultimate goal.

         The second day of the dome of the dynamic orientation, the staff not only enjoy the beauty, relax, wash away hard work, but also increased the communication between colleagues and mutual trust, and enhance the team cohesion, and further maintained unity and cooperation, active and progressive good Atmosphere. But also to the leadership from the workplace to the nature, feel the nature of Zhong Ling Yuxiu, appreciate the harmony between man and nature.

        Through this expansion training not only to expand the elite students physical and intellectual, more importantly, it changed the elite students of some of the thinking mode, some of the potential has been awakened awakened, it is a profound theory into a A seemingly simple activity, so that the elite students to understand their own to refining, when the difficult training and sweat intertwined, a profound experience of the growth of a team to go through thousands of times to get the success of temper joy!
        Finally, thanks to the eagle plans to expand the instructors, is under the leadership of the coach, we are faced with the common pressure, hardships, fatigue and fear of the challenges, together to complete a series of seemingly difficult to complete the task, enjoy the hardships Successful joy, increased communication and friendship, greatly enhanced the team cohesion, combat effectiveness!